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Killing Fields is a battleground stat tracking mod for World of Warcraft.

Killing Fields quietly runs in the background, collecting information about your battleground experiences. Then, you can upload your data file to for compilation and display on the site.

There is no noticeable effect of running the mod in game, other than simple notification messages of when a battleground completion has been detected.

There are many stats tracked, such as:

  • Battlegroups
  • By Server
  • By Guild
  • By Individual Battleground
  • By Character

Dependencies Edit


Current version Edit

v0.12 - 06/08/2008

Change log Edit

0.12 - 06/18/2008 - Update Some modifications to better detect battleground outcomes.

0.11 - 12/08/2007 - Update Update for patch 2.3 which broke some battleground functionality.

0.9 - 04/08/2007 - Update Update for patch 2.1, also added tracking of Arena names. This isn't functional on the site yet but will be soon!

0.9 - 04/08/2007 - Update Removed the output from when incorrect team information is detected when in a battleground other than Arenas.

0.8 - 01/30/2007 - Update Corrected a problem with scores while in Eye of the Storm

0.7 - 01/15/2007 - Update Found a problem where the entry timestamps could be in an unexpected format. Have added code to make sure the format is as expected.

0.6 - 01/12/2007 - Update Fixed bug introduced with the 2.0.4 mini patch.

0.5 - 01/11/2007 - Update Well, there was a small problem with non UTF8 characters in player names that had to be addressed. Unfortunately all your data will be purged when you upgrade to 0.5. Only 0.5 data will be accepted and much of the previously accepted 0.4 data had to be removed from the site. Sorry!

0.4 - 01/07/2007 - Beta Initial Release Initial Release for US only use. EU release soon to follow. If you are an EU player and would like to help test for EU, please email me at rollie (at) and we'll keep you busy!

Download Edit


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