Khanok the Impassable is a level ?? boss and doomlord. He only appears during the quest The Battle For The Undercity. Khanok is loyally in the service of Varimathras and Grand Apothecary Putress. He can only be fought by Horde players, and when he is defeated by the Horde forces retaking Undercity they will continue, under Sylvanas's command, to continue onto Varimathras. Alliance players doing their side of the battle find Khanok dead in the canal pathway.

Abilites Edit

  • Melee: Khanok's only attack during the encounter is a melee attack which will hit you for a extreme amount of physical damage. He can also crit for 100k.
  • Note: Khanok will grow in size and strength as the fight progresses. There is no limit to the increase either. Though you have almost no chance of dying, imagine what he would do to Thrall and Sylvanas if you dilly-dallied too long.

Quote Edit


  • No hope for you!

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