Ken-Ken at Zhu's Watch

Ken-Ken is a recent hozen graduate of the Tian Monastery in the Jade Forest. He and his friends Xiao, Lin Tenderpaw, Kang Bramblestaff, and Clever Ashyo are on a quest to find the "Hidden Master".

One of the locations Ken-Ken can be found is at Pang's Stead[82.9, 20.3]
in the Valley of the Four Winds. The friends split up to cover more ground, and Ken-Ken finds his way to Zhu's Watch[76.7, 8.6]
in the Krasarang Wilds where he also serves as a quest giver. He assists in breaking the Watch out of a deep despair using a string of old hozen remedies.

Ken-Ken's relationship with Ashyo is shaky, at best, given that Ashyo is of the rival jinyu race.

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