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Both 64Earthen Ring 64 The following NPCs can be found in Kelp'thar Forest. Location depends upon phasing.

Questgivers Quest Avail 16x16Edit

The Briny CutterAlliance 15
Budd's Dig
Deepmist Grotto
The Immortal CoilHorde 15
Shallow's End
Smuggler's Scar

Class trainers MiniIcon ClassTrainerEdit

There are no class trainers in Kelp'thar Forest.

Profession (Tradeskill) trainers TrainergossipiconEdit

There are no profession trainers in Kelp'thar Forest.

Merchants Npc bag on 16x16Edit

The Briny Cutter
The Immortal Coil
Smuggler's Scar

Services MiniIcon FlightMasterInngossipiconMiniIcon StableMasterEdit

The Briny CutterAlliance 15
Deepmist Grotto
The Immortal CoilHorde 15
Smuggler's Scar

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