Inv cask 02
  • Keg of Thundermar Ale
  • Item Level 1
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Quest Item
  • "The warning label depicts a dwarf kicking another dwarf in the privates."

A Keg of Thundermar Ale

Objective of Edit

This item is needed for the normal quest Alliance 15 [84] Fight Like a Wildhammer, as well as the daily quest version, Alliance 15 [84] Fight Like a Wildhammer, both given by Low Shaman Blundy at Thundermar in the Twilight Highlands.

Notes Edit

Each time you loot the Keg, the following buff will be placed upon you. It stacks up to five times:

  • Inv drink 05  [Frothing Rage]ω ϖ—Thundermar Ale has sent you into a drunken rampage. Damage output increased by 5%. 10 minutes remaining. Stacks up to five times.

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