Keeshan's Post

Keeshan's Post appears as an abandoned camp when players begin questing in Redridge Mountains. It unlocks as a small, brief quest hub during a series of phased quests.

Players begin by completing quests offered by Magistrate Solomon in Lakeshire, up to and including He Who Controls the Ettins and Saving Foreman Oslow. Once these quests are completed, Colonel Troteman will appear in the Lakeshire Town Hall and offer quests pertaining to John J. Keeshan.

Completing and following these subsequent quests offered by Troteman, Keeshan, and Keeshan's men will take players across Redridge and into Render's Valley, Alther's Mill, Render's Camp, Camp Everstill, and the Tower of Ilgalar. Troteman offers the final two quests of this chain - Showdown at Stonewatch and Triumphant Return from Keeshan's Post after players complete AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!.

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