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The subject of this article or section is part of the Shattered Sun Offensive storyline and is added at the commencement of phase 3.
Neutral 32Kayri
"SSO" is not in the list of possible values (Alliance, Horde, Neutral, Combat, Boss) for this property.
Title <Exotic Gear Purveyor>
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 70 Elite
Affiliation Shattered Sun Offensive
Location Sun's Reach Armory, Isle of Quel'Danas
Status Alive
See Icon-3D-48x48

Kayri <Exotic Gear Purveyor> is a level 70 elite draenei armor vendor in the Sun's Reach Armory of the Isle of Quel'Danas.

She sells Veteran's PvP gear in exchange for [Badges of Justice] and Vindicator's PvP gear for Tier 6 loot tokens.


[Veteran's Dreadweave Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Dreadweave Cuffs]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Dreadweave Stalkers]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Mooncloth Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Mooncloth Cuffs]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Mooncloth Slippers]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Silk Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Silk Cuffs]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Silk Footguards]40 Badge of justice
[Vindicator's Dreadweave Belt]1 Inv belt 31
[Vindicator's Dreadweave Cuffs]1 Inv bracer 16
[Vindicator's Dreadweave Stalkers]1 Inv boots plate 06
[Vindicator's Mooncloth Belt]1 Inv belt 31
[Vindicator's Mooncloth Cuffs]1 Inv bracer 16
[Vindicator's Mooncloth Slippers]1 Inv boots plate 06
[Vindicator's Silk Belt]1 Inv belt 27
[Vindicator's Silk Cuffs]1 Inv bracer 15
[Vindicator's Silk Footguards]1 Inv boots plate 07
[Veteran's Dragonhide Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Dragonhide Boots]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Dragonhide Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Kodohide Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Kodohide Boots]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Kodohide Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Leather Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Leather Boots]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Leather Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Wyrmhide Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Wyrmhide Boots]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Wyrmhide Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Vindicator's Dragonhide Belt]1 Inv belt 27
[Vindicator's Dragonhide Boots]1 Inv boots plate 07
[Vindicator's Dragonhide Bracers]1 Inv bracer 15
[Vindicator's Kodohide Belt]1 Inv belt 27
[Vindicator's Kodohide Boots]1 Inv boots plate 07
[Vindicator's Kodohide Bracers]1 Inv bracer 15
[Vindicator's Leather Belt]1 Inv belt 27
[Vindicator's Leather Boots]1 Inv boots plate 07
[Vindicator's Leather Bracers]1 Inv bracer 15
[Vindicator's Wyrmhide Belt]1 Inv belt 27
[Vindicator's Wyrmhide Boots]1 Inv boots plate 07
[Vindicator's Wyrmhide Bracers]1 Inv bracer 15
[Veteran's Chain Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Chain Girdle]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Chain Sabatons]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Linked Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Linked Girdle]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Linked Sabatons]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Mail Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Mail Girdle]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Mail Sabatons]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Ringmail Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Ringmail Girdle]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Ringmail Sabatons]40 Badge of justice
[Vindicator's Chain Bracers]1 Inv bracer 17
[Vindicator's Chain Girdle]1 Inv belt 33
[Vindicator's Chain Sabatons]1 Inv boots plate 04
[Vindicator's Linked Bracers]1 Inv bracer 15
[Vindicator's Linked Girdle]1 Inv belt 27
[Vindicator's Linked Sabatons]1 Inv boots plate 07
[Vindicator's Mail Bracers]1 Inv bracer 17
[Vindicator's Mail Girdle]1 Inv belt 33
[Vindicator's Mail Sabatons]1 Inv boots plate 04
[Vindicator's Ringmail Bracers]1 Inv bracer 17
[Vindicator's Ringmail Girdle]1 Inv belt 33
[Vindicator's Ringmail Sabatons]1 Inv boots plate 04
[Veteran's Lamellar Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Lamellar Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Lamellar Greaves]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Ornamented Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Ornamented Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Ornamented Greaves]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Plate Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Plate Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Plate Greaves]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Scaled Belt]40 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Scaled Bracers]25 Badge of justice
[Veteran's Scaled Greaves]40 Badge of justice
[Vindicator's Lamellar Belt]1 Inv belt 31
[Vindicator's Lamellar Bracers]1 Inv bracer 16
[Vindicator's Lamellar Greaves]1 Inv boots plate 06
[Vindicator's Ornamented Belt]1 Inv belt 31
[Vindicator's Ornamented Bracers]1 Inv bracer 16
[Vindicator's Ornamented Greaves]1 Inv boots plate 06
[Vindicator's Plate Belt]1 Inv belt 33
[Vindicator's Plate Bracers]1 Inv bracer 17
[Vindicator's Plate Greaves]1 Inv boots plate 04
[Vindicator's Scaled Belt]1 Inv belt 31
[Vindicator's Scaled Bracers]1 Inv bracer 16
[Vindicator's Scaled Greaves]1 Inv boots plate 06

Patches and hotfixesEdit

0200Bc icon Patch 2.4.0 (25-Mar-2008): Added

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