Karen No is found on the southern tower of Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate in Icecrown. She stands near Johnny Yes, Willy Maybe, and Kibli Killohertz.

Karen No is the line chief at the Alliance Infragreen air base and is second-in-command to Kibli Killohertz. She is responsible for maintenance and combat readiness of the Infragreen bombers. Prospective pilots report to her for their plane assignments. The planes are equipped with bombs to attack ground targets and air-to-air rockets for defense and taking out aerial targets. Also, the places are fitted with an Infragreen defense shield, on-board fire extinguishers and a fix-it 'bot for in-flight repairs.


Karen No's name could be in reference to Karen O, lead singer of the Indie/Alternative band Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

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