Kaganishu is a powerful snobold shaman of the Magmoth herd found in Magmoth, in Borean Tundra. He killed Farseer Grimwalker and bound his spirit to a totem. Kaganishu's spells hit hard and he should not be taken lightly as an opponent.

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  • Blast Wave- Unleashes a wave of flame, damaging nearby enemies and slowing their movement for 6 sec.
  • Fire Nova Totem- Summons a fire nova totem that has 5 health and lasts 5 sec. Unless it is destroyed within 4 sec. the totem deals 396 to 442 fire damage to all enemies within 10 yards.
  • Fireball- Inflicts fire damage to an enemy.


  • Kaganishu!


  • Snobolds found in the cave will sometimes yell his name when engaged.
  • This character is a reference to Rakanishu, a character from Diablo II.
  • The Vision of Kaganishu kills Grimwalker with a lightning spell, yet Kaganishu himself uses only fire spells.

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