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AllianceNPC 32Justin
Health 42
Affiliation Stormwind
Location Unknown
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Justin is a human child that hangs out with his friends Alliance 15 Roman and Alliance 15 Brandon and fish in the Stormwind canals on the edges of the Cathedral District.

Quotes Edit

  • Justin says: And so the knights stood before the charging Horde and held their ground as a thousand berserk orcs came through the valley.
  • Justin says: And that's how Lothar killed thirty six orcs with his bare hands!
  • Justin says: And then the rabbit just bit his head off... I swear.
  • Justin says: I swear, people have actually seen them. Pandaren really do exist!
  • Justin says: There is no spoon.
  • Justin says: They say he can turn into a raven sometimes.
  • Justin says: You know there are crocolisks in the Canals. They were brought from the swamp as pets, but got thrown in the canals.
  • Justin says: You know why orc eyes glow red? It's because they drink blood!

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