Judgments of the Wise

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Judgements of the Wise
Ability paladin judgementofthewise
  • Your Judgement spells have a X% chance to grant the Replenishment effect to up to 10 party or raid members mana regeneration equal to 1% of their maximum mana per 5 sec for 15 sec, and to immediately grant you 25% of your base mana.
Usable by
LocationRetribution, tier 7
Points required30
Spec specificYes
Related buff
Spell magic managain
  • Magic
  • Replenishment
  • Replenishes 1% of maximum mana per 5 sec.
  • Duration: 15 seconds

Judgements of the Wise is a paladin talent in the Retribution tree, available after spending 30 talent points. It has a chance to grant up to 10 party or raid members a mana regeneration effect that replenishes 1% of their maximum mana per 5 sec. In addition, the paladin immediately receives 25% of base mana.

Rank table

Rank  % Chance
1 33
2 66
3 100

Patch changes

  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): The immediate return of base mana from this spell has been increased to 25%, up from 15%.
  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.3 (04-Nov-2008): Base mana immediately granted reduced to 15% from 33%.

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