Judgement of Justice is a Paladin ability. It replaced the Judgement effect of Seal of Justice. It is trainable at level 28.

As with all Judgements, your Miss chance with Judgement of Justice is the same as your miss chance with a melee attack.

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This judgement is very useful to stop runners, especially in tight areas such as in the Scarlet Monastery.

PvP Edit

The movement speed limit of the judged player is not considered a movement impairing effect, meaning acts such as shape shifting, Dispersion and Hand of Freedom will not remove it. This prevents a player from going above their normal run speed. Thus, for instance, a Druid who is affected by the Judgement will not go any faster than the normal run speed if they shift into Travel Form, a Rogue who uses Sprint will receive no speed boost, and any player riding a mount will receive no speed bonus from doing so.

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