Josiah Avery

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NeutralNPC 32Josiah Avery
Josiah Avery
Gender Male
Race Worgen (Humanoid)
Location Gilneas
Status Deceased
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Josiah Avery was a human that fell to the worgen curse during the siege of Greymane City by the Bloodfang worgen. He was killed by Lorna Crowley seconds after falling to the curse and infecting the player's character with it.



In his cellar before completion of The Rebel Lord's Arsenal:

  • Josiah Avery yells: My face! What's wrong with my face!
  • Josiah Avery yells: My hands... don't look at my hands!
  • Josiah Avery yells: The pain is unbearable!
  • Josiah Avery yells: What's wrong with me??!


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