Jormuttar is a level 80 jormungar spawnmother found in Hibernal Cavern in the Storm Peaks. [54, 62]

Objective ofEdit

During the quest, the player will take the Everfrost Razor to the bodies of Dead Icemaw Bears to recover an Icemaw Bear Flank. This flank is placed in an area of disturbed rock and snow at the back of the Hibernal Cavern to summon Jormuttar.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Melee: 421 - 587 Damage
  • Armor: 9729
  • Sweep
  • Acid Spit

(Not hunter tameable.)

Notes Edit

The name is certainly a play on the words "your mother" as found in the phrase "Your mother is so fat...". While "Mutter" is "mother" in German, "jor" has no German meaning.

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