Johnny Awesome is a blood elf encountered by Horde players in Hillsbrad Foothills, accepting quests when players are tasked with being a quest giver. He also serves as a quest giver himself.

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  • Despite being a male both Warden Stillwater and Apothecary Lydon call Johnny a girl. While Stillwater's insanity could contribute to him calling Johnny a girl, it is possible that Lydon found Johnny's manner of speaking about Twinkles as one would a "My Little Pony" doll and crying over its death girlish... or blood elves (lack of) masculinity part of a running gag with Blizzard.
  • Johnny Awesome's dialogue is reminiscent of "Old Spice Guy" Isaiah Mustafa, from a series of Youtube video spots, promoting Old Spice. Most telling are the bits "Now look at yourself. Now quickly look back at me. Yes this horse *is* made of stars," which is a direct parody of one of his video responses.
  • Johnny Awesome seems also to like The Steam Pools resort, as since you can find him relaxing with a bunch of blood elf female ladies around him.
  • You also have a chance to be paired with Johnny Awesome whenever you do the The Protectors of Hyjal quest in Mount Hyjal as part of the Firelands Invasion dailies.
  • While on the daily quest Fire in the Skies, players have a chance to see Johnny in a phased version of the Firelands raid. He is sitting with his guild, Thrall's Thrashers, marked as <Away> and sitting with his pet, Dazzle. Dazzle, being a spirit beast, suggests that Johnny is a Beast Mastery specced hunter.


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