World of Warcraft Blizzard John Lagrave circa Mists

From BlizzCon 2011

John Lagrave is the Lead Game Producer for World of Warcraft and manages the programming team production schedules and collaborates with other game producers on overall project management and game development. WoWWiki got to interview him during BlizzCon 2013!

Bio Edit

From the BlizzCon 2013 US Press Kit:[1][2]

As lead game producer on the World of Warcraft® development team, John Lagrave manages the production schedules for the programming team, and collaborates with other game producers on the overall project management and game development for World of Warcraft.
Lagrave joined Blizzard Entertainment in 1997 and has worked on Diablo®, StarCraft®, Diablo II, Warcraft® III, World of Warcraft, and all its expansions.
In his spare time, Lagrave is an avid board and video game player. A home brewer and foodie at heart, he travels the world searching for that perfect pint.

Media Edit

Video Edit

Interview by zdf.kultur (German site)
Interview mit Blizzards John Lagrave06:24

Interview mit Blizzards John Lagrave

References Edit

  1. ^ BlizzCon 2013 US Press Kit included on USB flash drive given to press
  2. ^ BlizzCon 2013 Warlords of Draenor Press Kit

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