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Name: Jehotay "Boss" Gorehorn.
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Desolace.
Race: Tauren.
Class: Druid.
Guild: Zephyr Crew (founder).
Appearance: Jehotay is a thin as compared to most males his age. All the fur on his body is a deep grey color and his hoves are dark too. His horns have been cut away to flat stubs, and in his nose is a large gold ring. His fur is well groomed but the smells of beer and kodos sits strongly with him. Around his waist, a variety of pouches, vials, and herbs - items of his trade. As well, Jehotay is almost never seen without the accompanyment of a small white cat.

Personality Edit

Jehotay is an odd character for sure, as first guess you might think him as simplistic and jovial; sometimes you might even think him down right depressive. Depending on which mood he is in that day, it could be any number of feelings; this is all due to his Bi-Polar personality. At times, he is in a wonderful mood ready to take on the world, and yet at other times his depressive tendencies might drive him towards solitude and indecision. Though most know, he will always come through for those counting on him.

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