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RoleLead Game Designer (World Design)
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"Any references to "hoof to the face" need not be included. [1]"

Jeffrey Kaplan (alias Tigole) is a Lead Game Designer at Blizzard Entertainment, formerly responsible for world design of World of Warcraft (and subsequent expansions), including "quests, outdoor zones, dungeons, raids etc."[1]

Jeff was hired by Blizzard because of his status as Tigole, guild leader for Legacy of Steel on The Nameless server of EverQuest (the guild had many world-first raid kills). The guild was formerly run by Rob Pardo, a long-time Blizzard employee and developer on Diablo II and Warcraft III.[citation needed]

On February 12, 2009, Jeff announced that he was leaving WoW to work on Blizzard's other unannounced MMO project.[2]


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