• Jaws of Retribution
  • +376 Agility [+20 Agility]
    +624 Stamina
  • UI-EmptySocket-Red Red Socket
    UI-EmptySocket-Red Red Socket
  • +102 Mastery rating
    +108 Critical strike rating
    +101 Expertise rating
    +208 Haste rating
    +100 Hit rating
  • Jaws of Retribution (2 pieces)
  • [Fear]
  • (2) Set: Your melee attacks have a chance to grant Suffering, increasing your Agility by 2, stacking up to 50 times.
  • Combined stats. Numbers in [brackets] indicate socket bonuses

The Jaws of Retribution are the first set of daggers rogues obtain as part of the quest for the legendary Fangs of the Father daggers.


This set is obtained by completing Neutral 15 [85] The Deed is Done.


Jaws of Retribution
Inv knife 1h deathwingraid e 01
Inv knife 1h deathwingraid e 01

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