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This article is about James Harrigton's character biography. For the character's appearance in the Deadmines instance, see Admiral Ripsnarl.
NeutralNPC 32James Harrington
Gender Male
Race(s) Worgen
Affiliation Defias Brotherhood
Position Defias Admiral
Location Westfall
Status Killable
Relative(s) Calissa (wife), Emme (daughter), Erik (son)

Admiral James Harrington, also known as Ripsnarl is a worgen admiral employed by the Defias Brotherhood and commands the ogre juggernaut that is being built in the Ironclad Cove. Not much known is about his past but it is presumed that he murdered his own family as a result of the worgen curse that have taken hold of him, as seen during his nightmare.

During the Westfall storyline quests he is found in stocks at the Sentinel Hill and is freed by Vanessa VanCleef during the Dawning.

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