Jac Northshire

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Neutral 32Jac "Strongarm" Northshire
Humanmale nopic
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Defias Brotherhood
Position Enforcer of the Defias Brotherhood
Location Unknown
Status Unknown

Also known as Jac "Strongarm" Northshire is the Defias Brotherhood's enforcer. When a group of potential members appears, Jac is sent to investigate and determine whether they should be allowed into the Brotherhood. When renegades overstep the boundaries, Jac tracks them down to mete out the same punishment to the renegades that they inflicted upon others. Finally, when a particularly well-guarded Stormwind caravan makes its way into the Elwynn Forest, Jac is at the vanguard of the ambush. Despite a growing collection of scars, he has yet to fail in his duties.[1]

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