Ivar the Foul is a level 13 ghoul found in Silverpine Forest, he was once the owner of the Ivar Patch. When the Plague of Undeath struck he and the farmhands were transformed into Ghouls.


Items Level Type Slot Drop %
Inv misc bone orcskull 01 [Ivar's Head] 1 Quest Item 88%
Inv fabric linen 01 [Linen Cloth] 5 Trade Good 60%
Inv mushroom 11 [Red-speckled Mushroom] 15 Consumable 2.6%
Inv drink milk 01 [Ice Cold Milk] 15 Consumable 1.5%
Inv potion 50 [Lesser Healing Potion] 13 Consumable 1.1%
Inv potion 70 [Minor Mana Potion] 15 Consumable 1.1%


Objective: Rane Yorick wants Ivar's Head.

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