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Inv misc beer 04 Neutral 15 It's Happy Hour Somewhere 10 Money achievement
Drink 25 different types of beverages

Obtained when the character has used 25 different drinks: food items that give you the 'Drink' buff without 'Eat', or food items that increase your drunkenness.

The achievement's name suggests that only alcoholic drinks would count towards this achievement; however, you can quaff [Ice Cold Milk] or [Refreshing Spring Water] and it still counts for this achievement.

[Moonglow], although it increases your drunkenness, does not count towards this achievement.

Strategy Edit

  • Every non-alcoholic drink available from innkeepers count, although they have level restrictions; at level 80 you can drink all nine.
  • Kylene in Shattrath and Boots in Area 51 sell many types of alcoholic drinks, to add five more to your count.
  • During Brewfest you'll have the opportunity to sample three different beers from each of the three different breweries for nine drinks total.
  • Every rank of Mage Conjured Water counts, so that's an easy nine drinks.
  • The barkeep in Old Hillsbrad Foothills(Southshore-Alliance) sells six drinks that weren't popular enough to survive to present day.
  • Stomper Kreeg has four ogre brews he will sell to you if he's still alive after you become King of Dire Maul.
  • If you visit the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Mountain, the sinister gnome barman Plugger Spazzring sells five alcoholic drinks exclusive to the dark iron dwarves.
  • When the Darkmoon Faire is on, and in a friendly territory, Sylannia sells four drinks exclusive to the Faire.

See the list of Alcohol.

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