Islen Waterseer

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NeutralNPC 32Islen Waterseer
Islen Waterseer
Gender Female
Race Tauren
Level 37
Character class Shaman
Location The Tidus Stair, the Barrens[65.8, 43.8]
Comp(s) Mahren Skyseer
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Islen Waterseer is a level 37 quest-giver located in a small camp on the Tidus Stair, in the Horde-aligned territory of the Barrens. She is a Tauren that is friendly to both the Horde and the Alliance.

She starts the following quests:


Islen Waterseer says: Spirits of Water, I give you praise, and I beg you a favor. You have heard <Name>'s pleas, and I trust that his/her intent is noble. Please, will you aid us?
Manifestation of Water says: [Kalimag] Ma reth bromo zoln kilagrin dra ma zoern tu ko fraht ko tadrom Ma krin drinor zoln drinor Ma krin kan aasrugel korsul
Islen Waterseer says: Thank you, great spirit. Thank you!

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