Irondeep Mine

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Neutral 32 Irondeep Mine
Irondeep Mine
FractionNeutral 15 Irondeep Trogg
NPCNeutral 15IconSmall Trogg Morloch
Official alliance mini-iconIconSmall Dwarf Female Umi Thorson
Official horde mini-iconIconSmall Orc Male Keetar

Irondeep Mine is a mine found in the northen area of Alterac Valley, north of Stonehearth Graveyard. In theory, due to it’s proximity to Dun Baldar, it should be captured by the alliance more often then the horde. However in many battles the mine is ignored at the start; and only captured once the horde have taken it or when the alliance is pushed onto the defencive.

At the beginning of the battle, the mine is owned by Irondeep troggs lead by Neutral 15 Morloch. Irondeep Mine, like it’s counterpart Coldtooth Mine, produces supplies for ground assaults (to be transported by a player) and 1 reinforcement to the fraction owning the mine.


To gain control of the mine, the boss of the faction in the mine must be killed by a hostile player (who must do the killing blow). The mobs in the mine differ depending on the ownership of the mine:

When you have killed the leader, a message will be announced in the chat across the battlegrounds and your fraction’s NPC will begin spawning and fighting any remaining mobs of the previous fraction. If the battle lasts more the 30 minutes, the neutral NPC boss and his followers (Morloch) will respawn to attempt to recapture the mine again.

Note: Although your NPC will spawn and begin fighting any remaining mobs, they are weak and can therefore sometimes be killed by the previous fraction mob. Also, to much annoyance, the area around the spawning points of Irondeep Supplies may not spawn any friendly NPC so players may still have to kill enemy mobs dotted around the mine.

Ground Assault Supplies

Once the mine is under a fraction's control, it will produces supplies for players of that fraction to carry back to their base to gather a ground assault. The amount needed depends on the fraction:

Supplies are handed in in batchs of 10, a player can not carry more then 10 supplies at a time. These supplies are then handed back to the Official alliance mini-icon Stormpike Quartermaster or Official horde mini-icon Frostwolf Quartermaster back at base. Having a Official alliance mini-icon Stormpike Insignia Rank 6 or Official horde mini-icon Frostwolf Insignia Rank 6 is very helpful for returning the supplies back to base.

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