Ironclad Cove

Ironclad Cove

Ironclad Cove is the large walled-in cove that now acts a monumental cavern in which lies the Defias pirate ship. On one side of the cavern is the massive door made for the pirate ship to pass through once it is finished, and its other side can be seen in northern Stranglethorn Vale.

Mr. Smite, Cookie, Captain Greenskin and Edwin VanCleef can all be found here, and high on the opposite side from the entrance lies the instance exit.

  • Tunnel entrance to the cove.
  • Small islets in the cove.
  • The wide planking catwalk to the pirate ship.
  • The chest and ramp to the ship.
  • Various scaffolding around the ship.
  • Able to mount in this part of the instance.
  • The pirate ship.
  • The small camp below the exit tunnel.
  • The exit tunnel.

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