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[[es:Complejo Vetaferro]]
[[es:Complejo Vetaferro]]
[[Category:Dark Iron dwarves]]
[[Category:Dark Iron dwarf territories]]
[[Category:Dark Iron dwarf territories]]

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for the quest, see Official alliance mini-icon [11] Ironband's Compound.
Ironband's Compound

Ironband's Compound

Ironband's Compound lies south of Helm's Bed Lake in eastern Dun Morogh, and is a base of operations for a band of Dark Iron Dwarves who readily assault anyone unfortunate enough to wander too close.

Warriors come to the compound in order to aid a fallen dwarf and secure evidence of the Dark Irons' presence for Ironforge in Official alliance mini-icon Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior [11] Ironband's Compound.

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