Ironband's Blastpowder is a quest chain available to the Alliance.

It seems that Prospector Ironband in Loch Modan has been having problems getting supplies to continue his excavations, and he is in need of a courier to find out what happened.

This also introduces the Dark Iron dwarves.

Ironband's Blastpowder Edit

Alliance 15 [15] Excavation Progress Report

Prospector Ironband needs a courier to run a message to Thelsamar, asking for more supplies. Simple enough, you take the job.

Alliance 15 [15] Report to Ironforge

In Thelsamar, Jern Hornhelm passes the buck upstairs, saying that they need to get authorization from Prospector Stormpike, at the Explorer League Headquarters in Ironforge.

Alliance 15 [15] Powder to Ironband

In Ironforge, you find out that a shipment of blastpowder had been sent out weeks ago. As Ironband didn't mention it in his report, it seems likely that it never arrived.
Prospector Stormpike authorizes the shipment (and sends word ahead, so the shipment can be prepared). However, he wants you to personally shepherd the shipment to Ironband. To that end, he asks you to return to Jern Hornhelm and and make sure of it.

Alliance 15 [15] Resupplying the Excavation

Unfortunately, when you return to Thelsamar, you find that the blastpowder shipment is already on its way, in the care of Huldar, and a couple of porters: Miran and Saean. You'll have to catch up to it.
You arrive at the wagon just as Saean betrays the party to the Dark Iron Dwarves.

Alliance 15 [15] After the Ambush

Huldar and Miran survive the ambush (perhaps thanks to you), but the wagon is broken. The supplies still need to be delivered, but Huldar doesn't trust that the Dark Iron Dwarves won't mount another assault. He asks you to escort Miran to Prospector Ironband with the barrels of blastpowder that he can carry, while he guards the remainder of the supplies.

Alliance 15 [15] Protecting the Shipment

Miran and you set out for Ironband's Excavation Site. Things are peaceful for most of the journey.
... just long enough to lull you into a sense of complacency. Not far from the compound, you are ambushed by more Dark Iron Dwarves. You and Mirian handily defeat them, and continue on.

Delivery Complete!

Rewards Edit

Your choice of

Summary Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [15] Excavation Progress Report
  2. Alliance 15 [15] Report to Ironforge
  3. Alliance 15 [15] Powder to Ironband
  4. Alliance 15 [15] Resupplying the Excavation
  5. Alliance 15 [15] After the Ambush
  6. Alliance 15 [15] Protecting the Shipment