Overview Edit

In World of Warcraft, invite can mean a few things:

  1. The primary command to add a member to a party (or group) used by the party leader. The target of the invite is given a choice to accept or decline.
  2. Ask a player to join a guild. See Guild Invite below for more details.

Party Invite Edit

Ways to invite:

  • Select a Player character, right-click their portrait and select Invite.
  • In the chat entry field, type: /invite <player_name>
  • In the Friends List window, select a Player character's name and click the Group Invite button on the lower right.

The first invite effectively creates the party.

Also see Uninvite and Leave Party.

Guild Invite Edit

Inviting a player to a guild requires a guild rank with permission from the Guild Master to recruit new members.

If you have the ability to invite new members there are 2 basic ways to do it:

  1. Click Add Member button (bottom-right of the window).
  2. Enter player name to invite to guild and click Invite.

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