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API types

Rather than use hard-coded ID's for inventory slots, each slot is mapped to a numeric ID at runtime using the API GetInventorySlotInfo function. This allows for future expansion and addition of new slots, as well as re-ordering of slots in the underlying code. Known slot ID's are as follows (and appear to be case insensitive):

Values Edit

Head/helmet slot.
Necklace slot.
Shoulder slot.
Back/Cape slot.
Chest slot.
Shirt slot.
Tabard slot.
Wrist/Bracer slot.
Hand/Gloves slot.
Waist/Belt slot.
Legs/Pants slot.
Feet/Boots slot.
First finger/ring slot.
Second finger/ring slot.
First trinket slot.
Second trinket slot.
Main hand slot.
Secondary hand/Off-hand slot.
First bag slot.
Second bag slot.
Third bag slot.
Fourth bag slot.

Notes Edit

  • RangedSlot and AmmoSlot were removed with 0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm.

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