For the druid talent, see Intensity (druid talent).

Intensity is a warlock talent which reduces the chance that damage will delay or interrupt a spell.

Rank table Edit

Rank  % Resist Chance
1 35%
2 70%

Notes Edit

Affects spells with a casting time as well as channeled spells.

This talent has got much stronger with the 2.0 patch.

Due to the length of time it takes to complete or channel these spells, this is a very useful talent to have.

When rank 2 is combined with a paladin's Concentration Aura, spells are uninterruptible.

Primarily a solo PvE or PvP talent as the only times where you will be hit in grouped PvE are when you generate too much threat on a mob or when you're in range of an enemy's AoE attack.

Past changes Edit

  • Bc icon Patch 2.1.0 (22-May-2007): Shadowfury now properly benefits from the Intensity talent.
  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.8.0 (10-Oct-2005): Now reduces chance to be interrupted during cast time of Rain of Fire, Hellfire and Soul Fire spells.

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