Instance grouping guide
Main Roles

Instance tanking (Tank)
Instance healing (Healer)
Instance damage dealing

(Damage dealer)

Currently a stub.

Other Roles

Instance leader
Instance puller
Crowd controller
Instance main assist
Instance off tank
Instance scout
Instance rezzer

Currently a stub.

Class Roles



Other Topics

Marking up mobs
Crowd Control
Combat Cycle
Dying and Wipe prevention
Role Assignment
How Not To Do Things
Additional Tips

Related Topics

Crowd control
Looking For Group

Meeting stone
Pickup group

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The Rezzer Edit

Primary classes: priests, paladins, shamans, and druids.

Secondary classes: warlocks.

The primary task of a rezzer in an instance is to restore dead fellow group members to life, but they must choose the order and priority carefully depending on their type of skill. Primary classes have the ability to rez the whole party (or raid) in a relatively short time (if at the cost of lots of mana) whereas secondary rezzers tend to enhance wipe protection by using their abilities on any primary rezzers or carefully deciding who to target first. The best rezzer class is controversial, but this guide should help understand best how, why, and when to rez for instance situations.

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