API types

These are unique numeric identifiers for instance maps. They can be obtained by calling the GetInstanceInfo API function, or from the tables below. These values can be used as a locale-independent way to identify instances. InstanceMapIDs are used in the default UI by GetChallengeModeMapTimes(InstanceMapID). The continents themselves are treated as instances and have unique IDs as well.

InstanceMapIDs are not interchangeable with MapIDs despite many similarities. The map name returned by GetInstanceInfo() is not necessarily the same as the name returned by GetRealZoneText() and GetMapNameByID(). When denoted below, Zone Name is the normal map display name, and Instance Name is the name returned by GetInstanceInfo().

To help fill in this list, go into an instance and use the command

/dump GetInstanceInfo()

The number shown in slot [8] of the output is the InstanceMapID, which can be added to the table below.


/run local id = GetCurrentMapAreaID(); local n,_,_,_,_,_,_,iid = GetInstanceInfo(); print(iid, GetZoneText().."/"..GetRealZoneText(), n, id,  GetMapNameByID(id)) 

Which is: ID, Zone Name, Instance Name, MapID, Map Name

Legend Edit

Continents Edit

IDZone NameInstance NameMapIDMap Name
0 Eastern Kingdoms
1 Kalimdor
530 Outlands
571 Northrend
646 Deepholm
860 The Wandering Isle The Wandering Isle 808 The Wandering Isle
870 Pandaria

Arenas Edit

IDZone Name
8482 Blade's Edge Arena
4378 Dalaran Arena
3698 Nagrand Arena
3968 Ruins of Lordaeron
4406 The Ring of Valor

Battlegrounds Edit

IDZone Name
2597 Alterac Valley
3358 Arathi Basin
3820 Eye of the Storm
4710 Isle of Conquest
4384 Strand of the Ancients
5449 The Battle for Gilneas
5031 Twin Peaks
3277 Warsong Gulch

Classic Dungeons Edit

IDZone NameInstance NameMapIDMap Name
48 Blackfathom Deeps Blackfathom Deeps 688 Blackfathom Deeps
 ? Blackrock Depths
 ? Blackrock Spire
 ? Dire Maul
 ? Gnomeregan
 ? Maraudon
389 Ragefire Chasm Ragefire Chasm 680 Ragefire Chasm
 ? Razorfen Downs
 ? Razorfen Kraul
 ? Scarlet Monastery
 ? Scholomance
 ? Shadowfang Keep
 ? Stratholme
36 The Deadmines Deadmines 756 The Deadmines Deadmines
34 Stormwind Stockade Stormwind Stockade 690 The Stockade
 ? The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
 ? Uldaman
43 The Wailing Caverns Wailing Caverns 749 Wailing Caverns
 ? Zul'Farrak

Classic Raids Edit

IDZone Name
 ? Blackwing Lair
 ? Molten Core
 ? Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
531 Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Burning Crusade Dungeons Edit

IDZone Name
 ? Auchenai Crypts
 ? Hellfire Ramparts
 ? Magisters' Terrace
 ? Mana-Tombs
 ? Old Hillsbrad Foothills
 ? Sethekk Halls
 ? Shadow Labyrinth
 ? The Arcatraz
 ? The Black Morass
 ? The Blood Furnace
 ? The Botanica
 ? The Mechanar
 ? The Shattered Halls
 ? The Slave Pens
 ? The Steamvault
 ? The Underbog

Burning Crusade Raids Edit

IDZone Name
 ? Black Temple
 ? Gruul's Lair
 ? Hyjal Summit
532 Karazhan
 ? Magtheridon's Lair
 ? Serpentshrine Cavern
 ? Sunwell Plateau
 ? The Eye

Wrath Dungeons Edit

IDZone Name
619 Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
601 Azjol-Nerub
600 Drak'Tharon Keep
604 Gundrak
602 Halls of Lightning
 ? Halls of Reflection
599 Halls of Stone
 ? Pit of Saron
 ? The Culling of Stratholme
 ? The Forge of Souls
576 The Nexus
578 The Oculus
608 The Violet Hold
 ? Trial of the Champion
574 Utgarde Keep
575 Utgarde Pinnacle

Wrath Raids Edit

IDZone Name
631 Icecrown Citadel
533 Naxxramas
 ? Onyxia's Lair
616 The Eye of Eternity
 ? The Obsidian Sanctum
 ? The Ruby Sanctum
 ? Trial of the Crusader
603 Ulduar
 ? Vault of Archavon

Cataclysm Dungeons Edit

IDZone Name
 ? Blackrock Caverns
 ? End Time
 ? Grim Batol
 ? Halls of Origination
 ? Hour of Twilight
 ? Lost City of the Tol'vir
 ? The Stonecore
 ? The Vortex Pinnacle
 ? Throne of the Tides
 ? Well of Eternity
 ? Zul'Aman
 ? Zul'Gurub

Cataclysm Raids Edit

IDZone Name
 ? Baradin Hold
 ? Blackwing Descent
 ? Dragon Soul
 ? Firelands
 ? The Bastion of Twilight
 ? Throne of the Four Winds

Pandaria Dungeons Edit

IDZone NameInstance NameMapIDMap NameLfgIDLfg Name
 ? Gate of the Setting Sun
 ?  ? Mogu'shan Palace 885 Mogu'shan Palace  ? Mogu'shan Palace
 ?  ? Shado-Pan Monastery 877 Shado-Pan Monastery  ? Shado-Pan Monastery
 ? Siege of Niuzao Temple
 ? Stormstout Brewery
960 Temple of the Jade Serpent

Pandaria Raids Edit

IDZone NameInstance NameMapIDMap Name
 ? Heart of Fear
1008 Mogu'shan Vaults
 ? Terrace of Endless Spring

Sources Edit

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