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Inv inscription tradeskill01 Inscription (Profession)
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Inscription ingredients come in the form of parchment and inks. Inks are created from pigments formed as a result of milling herbs.

Parchment Edit

As of the 0500Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion, only [Light Parchment] is needed for Inscription.

Paper Source Cost
Inv inscription papyrus [Light Parchment] Vendor 15Copper
Inv inscription parchment [Common Parchment] Vendor 1Silver 25Copper
Inv inscription scroll [Heavy Parchment] Vendor 12Silver 50Copper
Inv inscription certificate [Resilient Parchment] Vendor 50Silver

Pigments and Inks Edit

Five of any of the herbs listed for it can be milled to create 2-4 common pigments. Milling may also produce 1-3 uncommon pigments. Common inks are produced from 2 common pigments, with the exception of [Ivory Ink] which only requires one pigment. Uncommon inks are created from 1 uncommon pigment, except [Snowfall Ink] which requires two.

Herbs Pigments Inks Skill
Inv misc flower 02 [Peacebloom] Inv misc herb 10 [Silverleaf] Inv misc herb 07 [Earthroot] Inv inscription pigment white [Alabaster Pigment] Inv inscription inkwhite03 [Ivory Ink]
Inv inscription inkwhite02 [Moonglow Ink]
Inv jewelry talisman 03 [Mageroyal]
Inv misc root 01 [Briarthorn]
Inv misc herb 04 [Swiftthistle]
Inv misc herb 11 [Stranglekelp]
Inv misc herb 01 [Bruiseweed] Inv inscription pigment grey [Dusky Pigment]
Inv inscription pigment verdant [Verdant Pigment]
Inv inscription inkblack01 [Midnight Ink]
Inv inscription inkgreen02 [Hunter's Ink]
Inv misc flower 01 [Wild Steelbloom]
Inv misc dust 02 [Grave Moss]
Inv misc herb 03 [Kingsblood] Inv misc root 02 [Liferoot] Inv inscription pigment golden [Golden Pigment]
Inv inscription pigment burnt [Burnt Pigment]
Inv inscription inkyellow02 [Lion's Ink]
Inv inscription inkyellow04 [Dawnstar Ink]
Inv misc herb 12 [Fadeleaf]
Inv misc herb 15 [Goldthorn]
Inv misc herb 08 [Khadgar's Whisker] Inv misc flower 03 [Wintersbite] Inv inscription pigment emerald [Emerald Pigment]
Inv inscription pigment indigo [Indigo Pigment]
Inv inscription inkgreen03 [Jadefire Ink]
Inv inscription inkpurple04 [Royal Ink]
Inv misc herb 19 [Firebloom]
Inv misc herb 17 [Purple Lotus]
Inv misc herb 13 [Arthas' Tears]
Inv misc herb 18 [Sungrass]
Inv misc herb 14 [Blindweed]
Inv mushroom 08 [Ghost Mushroom]
Inv misc herb 16 [Gromsblood]
Inv inscription pigment violet [Violet Pigment]
Inv inscription pigment ruby [Ruby Pigment]
Inv inscription inkpurple03 [Celestial Ink]
Inv inscription inkred01 [Fiery Ink]
Inv misc herb sansamroot [Golden Sansam]
Inv misc herb dreamfoil [Dreamfoil]
Inv misc herb mountainsilversage [Mountain Silversage]
Inv misc herb plaguebloom [Sorrowmoss]
Inv misc herb icecap [Icecap] Inv inscription pigment silvery [Silvery Pigment]
Inv inscription pigment sapphire [Sapphire Pigment]
Inv inscription inksilver01 [Shimmering Ink]
Inv inscription inkbluewhite03 [Ink of the Sky]
0200Bc icon This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.
Inv misc herb felweed [Felweed]
Inv misc herb dreamingglory [Dreaming Glory]
Inv misc herb ragveil [Ragveil]
Inv misc herb terrocone [Terocone]
Inv misc herb nightmarevine [Nightmare Vine]
Inv misc herb netherbloom [Netherbloom]
Inv misc herb manathistle [Mana Thistle]
Inv misc herb ancientlichen [Ancient Lichen]
Inv inscription pigment nether [Nether Pigment]
Inv inscription pigment ebon [Ebon Pigment]
Inv inscription inkblack02 [Ethereal Ink]
Inv inscription inkblack04 [Darkflame Ink]
0300Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.
Inv misc herb evergreenmoss [Adder's Tongue]
Inv misc herb constrictorgrass [Deadnettle]
Inv misc herb goldclover [Goldclover]
Inv misc herb icethorn [Icethorn]
Inv misc herb whispervine [Lichbloom]
Inv misc herb talandrasrose [Talandra's Rose]
Inv misc herb tigerlily [Tiger Lily]
Inv inscription pigment azure [Azure Pigment]
Inv inscription pigment icy [Icy Pigment]
Inv inscription inkpurple01 [Ink of the Sea]
Inv inscription inkbluewhite01 [Snowfall Ink]
0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
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0500Mists-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.
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