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Injured Icemaw Matriarch is a bear found in the back of the Hibernal Cavern just off the Valley of Ancient Winters in the Storm Peaks.

Objective of Edit

During the quest The Last of Her Kind, your mission is to find an Icemaw Matriarch, harness it, and bring it back to Brunnhildar Village.

The jormungar have invaded the Hibernal caverns, and you discover that only one Icemaw still survives there, and even that one is injured. You harness her up, and take her back to the village.

Harnessed Icemaw Matriarch Edit

Harnessed Icemaw Matriarch

Just the Bear necessities for the Hyldsmeet.

Once mounted, this bear is renamed to Harnessed Icemaw Matriarch and sets forth on an automatic set path through the cave and back to the Brunnhildar Village. It has no speakable abilities in this state.

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