Impsy is a level 56 Imp located in Shatter Scar Vale in the contested territory of Felwood. Impsy is Niby the Almighty's minion.

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Impsy holds his master in low esteem, at times calling him 'an idiot' and 'daft'. Impsy is also jealous of Niby, as Niby is a warlock and can summon a minion (such as Impsy himself). As consolation, Impsy desires a 'pet' of his own, albeit as a stuffed toy. Impsy's completed stuffed toy is made from several ingredients, including (but not necessarily limited to) Felcloth for the body, carved irontree rotting wood, bloodvenom essence, and six particular voodoo feathers for stuffing.


Impsy is involved in the following quests:

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