Improved Nature's Grasp adds a 15 - 65% likelihood of having Nature's Grasp proc on an incoming melee attack.

Rank TableEdit

Rank Effect
1 +15% (50% total)
2 +30% (65% total)
3 +45% (80% total)
4 +65% (100% total)

Notes Edit

Does not proc off spells or ranged attacks.

Only one charge; Can only entangle one foe per casting.

Entangling Roots can be resisted - so even when it procs, it may fail to have an effect.

Tips and tactics Edit

See Nature's Grasp for a complete spell documentation and limitations.

This talent provides additional safety to ensure the proc triggers quickly.

Depending on the situation and personal preferences, it may be unnecessary to use all ranks of this talent .

See the discussion page (discussion tab for this article, above) for more detail.

Four ranks of Improved Nature's Grasp causes Nature's Grasp to proc on the first hit. Note that the spell may still be resisted.