Improved Life Tap is a warlock talent that increases the mana awarded by Life Tap.

When people look for the ability to do great things, they look in various places: Warriors look to the steel of their swords and the strength of their shields, Druids look to their surroundings, and Hunters find strength in the bonds they share with their pets. Warlocks know that true power comes from within...and how to exploit it.

Rank Mana Return Increase
1 10%
2 20%

Notes Edit

Life Tap is usually a 1:1 exchange. This means that you would achieve no net gain in mana from life tapping. Improved Life Tap will get you more bang for your buck.

If you ever plan to try and do the Warlockian imitation of a perpetual motion machine, you'll need this talent and Soul Siphon both maxed.

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