Improved Arcane Explosion was a mage talent that decreased the casting time of the Arcane Explosion spell by 0.3 seconds per rank, up to 1.5 seconds at max rank. With a base cast time of 1.5 seconds, Arcane Explosion became instant cast with 5 points in this talent. With Patch 1.11, Arcane Explosion was changed to be instant-cast without talents. Improved Arcane Explosion was changed to increase the critical strike chance of Arcane Explosion, similar to the current talent Arcane Impact. With Patch 2.0.1 Arcane Blast was added to the spells affected, and the name was changed to Arcane Impact.

Rank table Edit

Rank Arcane Explosion Cast Time
1 1.2 sec
2 0.9 sec
3 0.6 sec
4 0.3 sec
5 Instant

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