The Imprisoned Beryl Sorcerer can be found on the second floor of the mage tower on Amber Ledge in Borean Tundra. Players are to torture him with the Inv wand 08 [Neural Needler] while completing Neutral 15 [71] The Art of Persuasion



When using the needler, the sorcerer whispers the following:

  • Pathetic fool! A servant of Malygos would sooner die than aid an enemy....
  • Aargh! Do your worst, <class>! I'll tell you NOTHING!
  • Aahhhh! Release me! I am of no use to you. I swear it!
  • Stop! I beg you, please stop. Please...
  • Alright! I am beaten. Your precious archmage is held in a prison, elevated and sealed. Even if you manage to reach her, Salrand herself holds the key. Your mission is folly!

At this point, you achieve the objective of Prisoner Interrogated. You still hold the Neural Needler, though, and are able to continue.

  • I've given you the information, <race>! You're wasting your time....
  • Enough! I've told you all that I know. Your continued abuse is senseless!
  • Are you trying to meet the real me? (Firefly reference)
  • You have a darkness in you, <race>.
  • You have shown me the face of true evil, <name>.
  • You aren't even asking me questions!
  • Noooo! This torture is inhumane! You have what you want... why don't you just kill me?

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