Impaled Valgarde Scout

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AllianceNPC 32Impaled Valgarde Scout
Impaled Valgarde Scout
Race(s) Dwarf, Human
Level 68 - 69
Affiliation Valiance Expedition
Location Wyrmskull Village, Howling Fjord
Status Dead
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Impaled Valgarde Scouts are level 68-69 humans impaled by Ceremonial Dragonflayer Harpoons cast by the vrykul in the forest north of Valgarde and south of Wyrmskull Village in the Howling Fjord.

They are involved in the following quest:


  • Not... no... Our people... Wrymskull... some live...
  • My injuries are too great. I won't make it... Our citizenry held in cages... ritual...
  • Don't let my death go unavegned, stranger... give... them... hell...
  • They left us here impaled as a warning to the others... Several still alive... prisoners of...
  • I'm done for... too much blood lost. Forget about me, tell Keller... People still alive inside.
  • My family must know... I... for them... always for them...

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