Found atop the Ruins of Farahlon. Socrethar speaks to Culuthas via a legion communicator, condemning him for killing his minions and taking the Ata'mal Crystal for his own.

Conversation with CuluthasEdit

  • Image of Socrethar: "Whats that?Did you hear something?Culuthas there are servants of the Consortium nearby.Bring me the crystal immiedately! "
  • Image of Socrethar: "Do not make me come there and destory you!"
  • Image of Socrethar: "How dare you slay my demons!"
  • Image of Socrethar: "What are these things that you have summoned to serve you?! Just who do you think you are!"
  • Image of Socrethar: "Culuthas, deliver the crystal to me now!"
  • Image of Socrethar: "Return the crystal to me or face annihilation!"
  • Image of Socrethar: "Culuthas, you will return the crystal to me at once!"
  • Image of Socrethar: "Culuthas, when I find you, I am going to make certain that you suffer for all eternity!"

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