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The Boat looks a lot like the The Lady Mehley, because it is.

The HMS Theramore is a human vessel owned by Puff and the guild in Illegal Danish, on which Puff sings a song of the same title. His song begins boarding the boat docked in Menethil Harbor. It's current location is yet to be unvieled. On board, the kitchen is filled with beer, which the dwarves tend to drink quite a bit.

Crew Edit

  • IconSmall Night Elf Male Puff as captain.
  • IconSmall Gnome Male Lil' Puff as First Mate
  • Other members of the guild as crew members.

Notes Edit

  • In reality, the boat is actually the Lady Mehley
  • At no point does the boat ever dock in game. It is a fictional boat.

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