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The namesake of the Tower of Ilgalar in the Redridge Mountains. Possibly a mage and rival to Morganth who now occupies the tower.


Ilgalar may be an unknown entity, just like Azora. The teory is that the both entities are each other counterparts, were Azora is the "good one" and Ilgalar the evil. The both have much in common:

Azora got the Tower of Azora in Elwynn Forest, full of Servant of Azora (Gnomes) and the "Champion Mage" Theocritus; a former Kirin Tor member dedicated to defend Stormwind.

Ilgalar got the Tower of Ilgalar in Redridge Mountains, full of Evil Servant of Ilgalar (Demonic Darkhounds) and the Champion Morganth; An evil Warlock studying the Dark Arts.

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