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Icy Scale Breastplate is a Leatherworking-made mail chest piece that gives a bonus to stamina, attack power and frost resistance.


Icy Scale Breastplate is crafted by Leatherworkers with a skill level of 300. Non-leatherworkers can also get this item from Craftsman Wilhelm if they have completed the quest. Wilhelm will make you this item if you supply him the components and 300Gold.

The components are:

The pattern is learned from a quest you get from Master Craftsman Omarion, who is located in the Deathknights wing of Naxxramas. The quest requires you to return Omarion's Handbook to Light's Hope Chapel and give it to Craftsman Wilhelm. He will then instruct you if you are a craftsman. You also must have Exalted reputation with the Argent Dawn to learn this pattern.


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