Icy Depths

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Instance portal greenIcy Depths
Beneath Crusaders' Coliseum
Icy Depths - Fighting Spot
The arena where Anub'arak is fought.
LocationCrusaders' Coliseum, Icecrown
End bossAnub'arak
Raid info
Advised level80
Player limit10/25
Other raids

The Icy Depths is a cave located beneath Crusaders' Coliseum. It is a small section of Azjol-Nerub directly under the Argent Tournament Grounds. After the final challenge of the Trial of the Crusader has been completed, the floor of the Coliseum shatters and the challengers fall into a subterranean lake. Anub'arak, in his second ressurection by the Lich King, can be found here, awaiting the challengers. After Anub'arak's defeat, Tirion Fordring proudly lauds his slayers and offers teleportation to Dalaran by one of the Argent Crusade's mages.


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