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Ichor Globules are spawned when the Protective Bubble of Ichoron in Violet Hold bursts. The pieces of the bubble are spread over the entire area, and where they land an Ichor Globule is spawned. These globules will move towards Ichoron, ignoring any and all players and attacks. Each Globule that reaches her will restore some of her health.

During the fight with Ichoron, players should kill as many Ichor Globules as they can before they reach Ichoron, as this shortens the encounter. Using a Defense Control Crystal just after Ichoron's shield bursts is an effective way to quickly kill all globules.

When killed, a Globule will burst with a Splash, damaging nearby players and knocking them back.

Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Spell frost summonwaterelemental  [Splash]ω ϖ—A splash of water drenches all nearby enemies, dealing 925 to 1075 Frost damage and knocking them back. Comes into effect when the Globule dies.

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