Ice elemental

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Ice elementals
Character classesN/A
Racial capitalFrostland
Racial leader(s)Neptulon
Racial mountN/A
HomeworldElemental Plane
Primary language(s)Kalimag, Auran, Aquan
Average heightVaries
This article is about the type of elemental. For the Howling Fjord mob, see Ice Elemental.

An ice elemental is a type of elemental conglomerate that is a combination of elements of air and water. They originate from Frostland. Ice elementals speak Auran and Aquan dialects of Kalimag.[1] Ice elementals apparently are in the service of Neptulon.

The shape of an ice elemental looks like an ice sculpture of a vaguely humanoid form coated in snow. It whirls into shards of ice upon the winds, as if hungrily, body heat alone can melt its shimmering crystals.[2]

Notable Ice elementalsEdit

Ice elementalsEdit


0100WoW Icon 16x16 This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

In the World of Warcraft you can easily tell if they are ice elementals by their loot. Most often they can not be mined by miners, but instead drop items related to water, such as Crystallized Water.

References Edit

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