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  • Ice Cold Milk
  • Item Level 15
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Requires level 5
  • Use: Restores 436 mana over 21 sec. Must remain seated while drinking.
  • Sell Price: 6Copper
  • Vendor 1Silver 25Copper for 5

Quest objectiveEdit

Ice Cold Milk is an objective for the following quests:


Ice Cold Milk is used to make:

Source Edit

Ice Cold Milk:

Ice Cold Milk Sources
Vendor Loction
Mabel Solaj <General Goods Vendor> Duskwood
Joshua Maclure <Vintner> Elwynn Forest
Barkeep Hann <Bartender> Duskwood
Innkeeper Farley <Innkeeper> Elwynn Forest
Barkeep Dobbins <Bartender> Elwynn Forest
Quartermaster Lewis <Quartermaster> Westfall
Corporal Bluth <Camp Trader> Stranglethorn Vale
Lindsay Ashlock <General Supplies> Redridge Mountains
Sergeant De Vries <Morale Officer> Elwynn Forest
Thultash <Food & Drink Vendor> Swamp of Sorrows
Kazan Mogosh <Food & Drink Merchant> Dun Morogh
Innkeeper Belm <Innkeeper> Dun Morogh
Thurman Mullby <General Goods Vendor> Stormwind City
Elly Langston <Barmaid> Stormwind City
Neal Allen <Engineering & General Goods Supplier> Wetlands
Gruham Rumdnul <General Supplies> Wetlands
Innkeeper Helbrek <Innkeeper> Wetlands
Yanni Stoutheart <General Supplies> Loch Modan
Xandar Goodbeard <General Supplies> Loch Modan
Keeg Gibn <Ale and Wine> Dun Morogh
Edwin Harly <General Supplies> Silverpine Forest
Lyranne Feathersong <Food & Drink> Winterspring
Innkeeper Anderson <Innkeeper> Hillsbrad Foothills
Neema <Waitress> Hillsbrad Foothills
Barkeep Kelly <Bartender> Hillsbrad Foothills
Innkeeper Shay <Innkeeper> Hillsbrad Foothills
Kayren Soothallow <General Goods> Hillsbrad Foothills
Malygen <General Goods> Felwood
Bale <General Goods> Felwood
Nixxrax Fillamug <Food and Drink> Stranglethorn Vale
Gretchen Vogel <Waitress> Redridge Mountains
Gabrielle Chase <Food & Drink> Burning Steppes
Trak'gen <General Goods Merchant> Durotar
Denni'ka <Butcher> Stonetalon Mountains
Barg <General Supplies> The Barrens
Jazzik <General Supplies> The Barrens
Sarah Raycroft <General Goods> Hillsbrad Foothills
Bernie Heisten <Food & Drink> Blasted Lands
Dalaran Brewmaster Silverpine Forest
Kurll <Food & Drink> Azshara
Laer Stepperunner <Food & Drink> Thousand Needles
Gruna <Food & Drink> Burning Steppes
Grimtak <Butcher> Durotar
Zlagk <Butcher> Durotar
Moodan Sungrain <Baker> Mulgore
Jhawna Oatwind <Baker> Mulgore
Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind <Innkeeper> The Barrens
Kira Songshine <Traveling Baker> Elwynn Forest
Nantar <Baker> Ashenvale
Maliynn <Food & Drink Vendor> Ashenvale
Haljan Oakheart <General Goods> Ashenvale
Grawnal <General Goods> Stonetalon Mountains
Chylina <General Supplies> Stonetalon Mountains
Dendrythis <Food & Drink Vendor> Teldrassil
Jaeana <Meat Vendor> Teldrassil
Fyrenna <Food & Drink Vendor> Teldrassil
Dalmond <General Goods> Darkshore
Kyndri <Baker> Darkshore
Allyndia <Food & Drink Vendor> Darkshore
Taldan <Drink Vendor> Darkshore
Tiyani <Food & Drink Vendor> Darkshore
Brogus Thunderbrew <Food and Drink> Alterac Valley
Danlyia <Food & Drink Vendor> Teldrassil
Tawny Grisette <Mushroom Vendor> Tirisfal Glades
Eleanor Rusk <General Goods Vendor> Tirisfal Glades
Morley Bates <Fungus Vendor> Tirisfal Glades
Truk Wildbeard <Bartender> The Hinterlands
Turhaw <Butcher> Thousand Needles
Jawn Highmesa <General Goods> Thousand Needles
Ogg'marr <Butcher> Dustwallow Marsh
Bartender Lillian <Bartender> Dustwallow Marsh
Ben Trias <Apprentice of Cheese> Stormwind City
Innkeeper Firebrew <Innkeeper> Ironforge
Gwenna Firebrew <Barmaid> Ironforge
Edris Barleybeard <Barmaid> Dun Morogh
Barkeep Morag Orgrimmar
Bartender Wental <Food and Drinks> Redridge Mountains
Innkeeper Renee <Innkeeper> Tirisfal Glades
Innkeeper Thulbek <Innkeeper> Stranglethorn Vale
Larhka <Beverage Merchant> The Barrens
Dellylah <Food & Drink Vendor> Teldrassil
Innkeeper Janene <Innkeeper> Dustwallow Marsh
Riznek <Drink Vendor> Thousand Needles
Innkeeper Brianna <Innkeeper> Redridge Mountains
Innkeeper Hearthstove <Innkeeper> Loch Modan
Innkeeper Saelienne <Innkeeper> Teldrassil
Innkeeper Keldamyr <Innkeeper> Teldrassil
Innkeeper Shaussiy <Innkeeper> Darkshore
Innkeeper Kimlya <Innkeeper> Ashenvale
Innkeeper Bates <Innkeeper> Silverpine Forest
Innkeeper Allison <Innkeeper> Stormwind City
Innkeeper Norman <Innkeeper> Tirisfal Glades
Innkeeper Pala <Innkeeper> Thunder Bluff
Innkeeper Kauth <Innkeeper> Mulgore
Innkeeper Trelayne <Innkeeper> Duskwood
Innkeeper Wiley <Innkeeper> The Barrens
Innkeeper Skindle <Innkeeper> Stranglethorn Vale
Innkeeper Grosk <Innkeeper> Durotar
Innkeeper Gryshka <Innkeeper> Durotar
Innkeeper Karakul <Innkeeper> Swamp of Sorrows
Nargatt <Food & Drink> Stranglethorn Vale
Innkeeper Byula <Innkeeper> The Barrens
Innkeeper Jayka <Innkeeper> Stonetalon Mountains
Innkeeper Fizzgrimble <Innkeeper> Tanaris
Innkeeper Shyria <Innkeeper> Feralas
Innkeeper Greul <Innkeeper> Feralas
Innkeeper Thulfram <Innkeeper> The Hinterlands
Mardrack Greenwell <Food & Drink> Feralas
Faralorn <General Supplies> Feralas
Harklane <Fish Vendor> Feralas
Dirge Quikcleave <Butcher> Tanaris
Gikkix <Fisherman> Tanaris
Jabbey <General Goods> Tanaris
Loorana <Food & Drink> Feralas
Janet Hommers <Food & Drink> Desolace
Harnor <Food & Drink> Desolace
Kuruk <General Goods Vendor> Thunder Bluff
Innkeeper Heather <Innkeeper> Westfall
Innkeeper Shul'kar <Innkeeper> Badlands
Innkeeper Adegwa <Innkeeper> Arathi Highlands
Shrye Ragefist <Food and Drink> Alterac Valley
Caretaker Alen <The Argent Dawn> Eastern Plaguelands
Innkeeper Lyshaerya <Innkeeper> Desolace
Innkeeper Sikewa <Innkeeper> Desolace
Innkeeper Abeqwa <Innkeeper> Thousand Needles
Innkeeper Vizzie <Innkeeper> Winterspring
Himmik <Food & Drink> Winterspring
Baker Masterson Western Plaguelands
Dargon <Food & Drink Merchant> Moonglade
Daeolyn Summerleaf <General Goods> Moonglade
My'lanna <Food & Drink Merchant> Moonglade
Tukk <General Goods Vendor> Desolace
Stormpike Quartermaster Alterac Valley
Frostwolf Quartermaster Alterac Valley
Innkeeper Kaylisk <Innkeeper> Ashenvale
Nergal <General Goods Vendor> Un'Goro Crater
Christi Galvanis <General Goods> Desolace
Shen'dralar Provisioner Dire Maul
Master Smith Burninate <The Thorium Brotherhood> Searing Gorge
Lard <Innkeeper> The Hinterlands
Calandrath <Innkeeper> Silithus
Marniel Amberlight <Innkeeper> Eversong Woods
Innkeeper Delaniel <Innkeeper> Eversong Woods
Quartermaster Lymel <General Goods> Ghostlands
Sathren Azuredawn <General Goods> Silvermoon City
Jessica Chambers <Innkeeper> Eastern Plaguelands
Zalene Firstlight <Food & Drink> Eversong Woods
Halis Dawnstrider <General Goods> Eversong Woods
Innkeeper Faralia <Innkeeper> Stonetalon Mountains
Innkeeper Kalarin <Innkeeper> Ghostlands
Caregiver Chellan <Innkeeper> Azuremyst Isle
Innkeeper Velandra <Innkeeper> Silvermoon City
Onnis <General Goods Vendor> The Exodar
Caregiver Breel <Innkeeper> The Exodar
Clopper Wizbang <Explorers' League> Bloodmyst Isle
Logan Daniel <General Goods Vendor> Azuremyst Isle
Caregiver Topher Loaal <Innkeeper> Bloodmyst Isle
Innkeeper Jovia <Innkeeper> Silvermoon City
Heron Skygaze <Food & Drink> Ghostlands
Otonambusi <General Goods Vendor> Azuremyst Isle
Meriaad <General Goods> Bloodmyst Isle
Shaarubo <Bartender> Shattrath City
Boots <B.O.O.M. Master Mixologist> Netherstorm
Little Azimi <Food Vendor> Bloodmyst Isle

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