I've Had Worse

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Inv helmet 23 Neutral 15 I've Had Worse 10 Money achievement
Defeat The Black Knight in the Trial of the Champion on heroic mode without any player in the group being hit by a ghoul explosion.

I've Had Worse is a Lich King Heroic achievement implemented in Patch 3.2.0.


The Black Knight is the final encounter in the Trial of the Champion.

During the first phase of the encounter, the Black Knight summons a ghoul. This is usually easily dealt with.

In the second phase of the encounter, the Black Knight summons Army of the Dead, which he can also cause to explode.


In the PTR before Patch 3.2.0 was released, the criteria read as follows.

Defeat the Combat 15 Black Knight in 10 minutes while wearing all blue items, before 3 Volcanos erupt, while everyone in the group has at least 1 stack of Spurting Blood and there are no shamans or paladins in the party but before you spend at least 1000Gold gold in repairs wiping to the Black Knight.
This was obviously a reference to the cinema Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as is the The Black Knight in general. However, there was probably no way this achievement could make it past the PTR to live, as noted by an official Blizzard poster.

2009-07-07 17:38 | Bornakk
It is quite unlikely that we will put in achievements that exclude entire classes.

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